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Sovereign People is a collaborative network of groups from all around Ireland. They range from the very small in size to the much larger. Some are very publicly active while others work quietly on their own on the background. Some have a broad range of activities while some focus on very specific issues. But what they all have in common a desire for sovereignty for themselves as individuals, for their communities and for their nation.

The various groups associated with Sovereign People are located in many counties around Ireland, with more being added every day. Explore groups in your area below and if you want to get active and meet them contact us and we will put you in touch with them. Or alternatively if none of the groups in your area resonate with you consider starting your own.

Remember, the various individuals and groups associated with the wider Sovereign People movement do not necessarily agree on every detail of either the problems Ireland currently faces or the solutions, in fact lively debates are commonplace! But if you or your group generally agree with what the movement is about that's sufficient for us to be able to work together.

Either way, if you're part of an existing group or have started your own and you'd like Sovereign People to help let people know about your group, help it grow and publicize your events then get in touch with us through our contact page.

Meet Some Sovereign People

You don't have to be a member of any particular group to get involved with Sovereign People. Many are members of multiple groups and some prefer to work on their own initiatives. Here are just some of the individuals involved in the Sovereign People movement...

Associated Groups

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