WHO Global Pandemic Treaty Explained

Many people in Ireland are concerned about the World Health Organization's proposed Global Pandemic Treaty and many others are either confused by it, or completely unaware of it. So what is it and should we be concerned?

In a nutshell, yes, very! Very simply, the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty is a proposal from a global institute that they should be given ultimate control over Ireland's health decisions, regardless of what anyone in Ireland, including the Irish government think about it. To be a little more specific it is a proposal that an organization heavily funded by Bill Gates and a collection of vaccine companies (GAVI, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), led by a member of a communist terrorist organization, who is not a medical doctor, will have the power to lockdown our country, destroy our economy and decide we all need their products (vaccines) regardless of our constitutional rights and freedoms... even if every doctor in Ireland disagrees. What?!? Don't be ridiculous, Ireland would never agree to that! Actually they have already said they will. The reasons for those concerns might now be beginning to make more sense, let's take a closer look and listen to an Irish doctor's opinion...

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Hello, Vincent Carroll speaking.

I want to speak about the WHO, the World Health Organization's proposed pandemic treaty. It is due to be signed off on May 2024 and I believe it will take health sovereignty away from the Irish people and the Irish nation. I believe it should be resisted at all cost, it should not be signed, let me explain…

The WHO was founded in 1948 as an offshoot of the United Nations and for the most part did good work in the developing world of eradicating tropical illness, malaria, smallpox so on and so forth.

It was funded by national governments each according to their means but ever since covid came along it has been funded in part by private donations. So for example currently the WHO receives 1.2 billion Euro in funding from Germany but the next largest funder is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which last year contributed 751 million dollars to the WHO. That is followed by the United States which contributes 693 million dollars to the WHO and other private funders would include Rotary International, Rockefeller foundation and the Global Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI) which contribute 432 million dollars to the WHO.

So the WHO is in part funded by sovereign nations but also in large measure funded from the private sector and again the private sector I believe often comes with private agendas.

So that's the first red flag that I would raise. Sadly our government is committed, without consulting a single person on this island, our government is committed to signing the WHO pandemic treaty. I believe that should be resisted. I believe under no circumstances should we sign the WHO pandemic treaty because the pandemic treaty forces us to accept the WHO decision making in all things related to pandemics.

So for example if we signed the WHO pandemic treaty it will be the WHO and not us that will decide what a pandemic is. A pandemic may be of covid, a pandemic might be of swine flu, but a pandemic can be other things as well such as obesity, such as cancer, such as even things that might be related or possibly are related to climate change.

So in other words it can relate to a whole range of other things and the remedies also are prescribed by the WHO. Sovereign nations will have no say in how to approach pandemics so for example the pandemic treaty would allow the WHO to decide that vaccination is the only way forward, or that lockdowns or masks or whatever is the only way forward for treating a particular pandemic. You will not be consulted, our experts will not be consulted, our own nation state will not be consulted as to what the pandemic is, how you treat the pandemic, what you give to treat the pandemic and what you withhold from treatments in the pandemic. You will not have a say and if a nation-state steps out of that box then you will suffer penalties.

So that's my very first problem regarding the WHO and I therefore believe that we should not under any circumstances sign that treaty.

Now the next problem of course with the WHO is its director general. I believe it to be a political body, not a medical body, its director General Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus owes his director generalship to the promptings of China. Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian in his own parliament has been described as a terrorist because of his membership in the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front. The global index on terrorism describes the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front as a terrorist organization and Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus is high up within that organization. I believe the man is unfit for office, I believe he's politically tainted and I believe he should have nothing to do with the WHO.

We should withdraw funding from the WHO and under no circumstances should we participate in signing the global treaty, the pan globalist World Pandemic Treaty. Unfortunately as I said our government intends to do so. Our government will sign our health sovereignty away and I believe that is something that borders on the criminal. The WHO will decide what a pandemic is, the WHO will decide how to treat the pandemic and our own Irish experts will have absolutely no say in what to do.

So therefore I'm calling for the WHO Pandemic Treaty to be resisted at all cost and to preserve our national sovereignty. Thank you.

Author: Dr Vincent Carroll - Medical Doctor

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